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Shiloh and the 21st Missouri

This section was originally going to be my miscellaneous page, a place to put items that didn't seem to fit anywhere. However, all I seemed to be adding to it seemed to be items pertaining to the battle of Shiloh, so I decided to make it the Shiloh page instead.

Shiloh National Military Park

Photos of 21st Missouri Markers at the Shiloh Battlefield
21st Mo Shiloh Battlefield Position Photos

21st Missouri Battle Reports - Shiloh

pointBrig. Gen. B. M. Prentiss - Shiloh Battle Report
Col. David Moore - Shiloh Battle Report
Lt. Col. Humphrey Woodyard - Shiloh Battle Report


pointHenry Rugh's Letter of Rememberance - Shiloh
Courtesy of Anita.

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