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Soldier Bios and/or Obituaries

Webmaster Note: This section is a new addition to this website that I hope my visitors and fellow researchers will help me with. If any of you would or could take a moment to jot down a short bio about your ancestor and send it to me so that the rest of us could learn a bit about him we would appreciate it very much.

Anything you could send me about him would be great. I'll be the first to admit I'm not a writer, so please don't worry about it being "good" enough. If you like, you can send me the information and I'll put together something for your ancestor. Credit to you for your submissions will be given on the same page with the information.

mineballField & Staff Officers:

Col. David Moore
Able C. Roberts, M.D.

mineballCompany A Soldiers:

Julius Bandhauer
John Longfellow
Peter Rost
Charles Yust

mineballCompany B Soldiers:

William B. Timmons
Joshua Pennington

mineballCompany C Soldiers:

John P. Pedigo Jr.

mineballCompany D Soldiers:

James Crank
John Hartsock
Henry Hubble
Henry McGonigle
John W. Morrison
George Sallee

mineballCompany E Soldiers:

Charles J. Clark
Joseph Davis

Charles Gebbers
Henry Mason

William McKinney
Richard McKinney
Tilford " Tink " Myers

mineballCompany F Soldiers:

Benjamin C. Campbell
Peter H. Orr
Joseph Waldron
William P. Allyn

Richard D. Andrews

mineballCompany G Soldiers:

Jno. Butcher
Benjamin Conner
John James
Samuel James
John P. Morris
James K.P. Wilson

mineballCompany H Soldiers:

Joseph A. Crandall
George W. Hays

mineballCompany I Soldiers:

William D. Driscoll
Cyrenus Z. Russell
Henry Rugh
George Stine
Jacob Stine
John S. Wilson

mineballCompany K Soldiers:

Joseph Flieg
Roman Vogt

mineballNE Missori Soldiers:

Capt. Felix Scott

mineballCompany ? Soldiers:

John McClure


For those of you who have already taken the time to send me your ancestor's information, I THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU for helping to improve this site and make it a wonderful resource for those interested in the 21st Missouri Inf. Reg't.

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