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Documents / Letters / Etc.

On the following pages is a mix of pension documents, service records, discharge papers, etc. and also some letters that soldiers' descendants have been kind enough to share with the rest of us. Please help make this site more than just lists of dry facts. Please Email me if you have anything that we could add to this section.

scroll Company A Soldiers:

George Heldstab

scroll Company B Soldiers:

None yet - Can you help?

scroll Company C Soldiers:

John P. Pedigo

scroll Company D Soldiers:

Henry McGonigle

scroll Company E Soldiers:

Joseph Boone Jr.
Sylvester Boone
William Burk
Joseph Davis


scroll Company F Soldiers:

William P. Allyn
Richard D. Andrews
Benjamin C. Campbell
John Comstock
Calvin L. Spurgeon
Robert A. Vaughan

scroll Company G Soldiers:

Solomon James
Matthias Roseberry

James Knox Polk Wilson

scroll Company H Soldiers:

Joseph A. Crandall
George W. Hays
Jonathan Johnson

scroll Company I Soldiers:

Benjamin Cope
Henry Rugh

scroll Company K Soldiers:

John Nelson
Stephen Werly

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