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Descriptive Roll of
Captain Simon Pearce's Company C

Company C of the Twenty-first Infantry Missouri Vols., enrolled under the call of the President for Volunteers, to enter the service of the United States, which said Company was mustered into service at Canton, Lewis County State of Missouri, the First day of February 1862 for the period of three years or during the war.

Company C Officers
Captain Simon Pearce - March 27, 1862: Mustered out March 1865.
Captain Benjamin S. Palmer - September 30, 1865.
1st Lt. William Lester - March 27, 1862: Resigned March 29, 1862.
1st Lt. W.H. Simpson - May 20, 1862: Resigned August 31, 1862.
1st Lt. T.H. Richardson - Jan. 5, 1862: Died in hospital at Memphis, TN June 11, 1863.
1st Lt. Frank M. Goff - September 12, 1864: Died of wounds April 10, 1865.
1st Lt. Stephen Hall - July 6, 1865: Promoted Adjutant August 20, 1865.
1st Lt. Benjamin S. Palmer - August 2, 1865: Promoted Captain.
1st Lt. C.D. Dowell - September 30, 1865.
2nd Lt. T.H. Richardson - March 27, 1862: Promoted 1st Lieut. December 29, 1862.
2nd Lt. James McFall - January 5, 1863: Resigned March 21, 1864.
2nd Lt. Frank M. Goff - August 22, 1864: Promoted 1st Lieutenant.
2nd Lt. Ezra Hambleton - September 30, 1865.

Company C Descriptive Rolls

The transcriptions on the next pages are my best attempt to transcribe what was listed on LDS film #1021082, Military Records - 21st Missouri Infantry, Co. A-K. The names are shown as they appear on the rolls. If in doubt, please attempt to get the records and check for yourself.

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