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Regiment Roster Names R thru Z

Alphabetically Listed by Surname
Company letter in ( )'s after name.

Names listed in this color were located on LDS film # 1021082 (21st MO descriptive muster rolls)
In most cases, more info can be found on the individual company pages.

Names listed in this color were located on MO State Historical Society films # RG133-210 & RG133-211. Office of the Adjutant General - Infantry Volunteer Union Army Enrollment Cards.
The only info provided is the name and company for these soldiers .

You will notice in the list below that there are some names listed in both colors which are very similar to each other. In some cases, the only difference is one letter or the company they were assigned to. Because I am unable to determine for sure at the moment if these are the same man with two spellings or two different men I have listed both names. I apologize for any confusion this may cause.

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Raines, Reuben C (H)
Rains, Alexander (A)
Rash, John L.
or S. (K)
Rash, William (K)
Rathbun, George W. (I)
Rathburn, Alfred (I)
Rathburn, George (I)

Rathburn, George W. (I)

Rausch, Henry (A)
Ray, James (E)
Ray, William (F)
Reagon, John B. (A)
Reed, George W. (H)
Rees, Richard (B)
Reahard, William (H)
Rehund, William (H)
Reisonburg, Fredrick (C)
Rekey, Wm P (H)
Rex, William (F)
Reynolds, Philarmon (H)
Reynolds, Philowmund (H)
Rhodes, Thomas B. (B)
Rice, Hudson (I)
Richard, William (H)
Richardson, Ephrem or Epraim (C)
Richardson, Jonathon H (D)
Richardson, Thomas H. (C)
Richardson, William (C)
Richart, Henry (E)
Richart, James P. (G)
Rickey, William Penn (H)

Ridgely, William (H)
Riehart, Henry (E)
Riehart, James B. (G)
Riley, Peter (H)
Rily, Samuel (B)
Riley, Samuel (B)
Ringsley, Ira (I)
Ritter, Geo. W. (C)
Ritter, William G (C)
Roberts, Abel C (F&S)
Roberts, Ellis (I)
Roberts, Isaac (G)
Roberts, Jesse (I)
Roberts, Samuel (I)
Roberts, Silas H. (B)
Robertson, Benjamin (H)
Robertson, Henry (E)
Robertson, James M (B)
Robertson, James M (B)
Robertson, Jeremiah (D)
Robertson, William E. (G)
Robins, Charles H. (B)
Robinson, John M (A)
Roden, Levi (K)
Rodgers, Wallen (G)
Rogers, Alexander (B)
Rogers, Jacob M (C)
Roland, William (A)
Rolen, James D (F)
Rolett, Theodore (C)
Rollins, James (D)
Rork, Bernard (D)
Rorke, Bernard (D)
Rose, Thomas J (C)
Rose, William (C)
Roseberry, James (G)
Roseberry, James (E)
Roseberry, James W. (I)
Roseberry, Matthias (G)
Roseberry, Reese H. (G)
Roseberry, Thomas A. (G)
Roseberry, Thomas H Jr (G)
Roseberry, Thomas H. (G)
Rosebery, David W. (E)
Rosebery, Thomas A. (E)
Rosebery, William H (E)
Ross, Daniel B. (E)
Ross, Valentine (K)
Rost, Peter (A)
Roulett, Theodore (C)
Rowland, William (A)
Rugh, Henry (I)
Russell, Cyrenus (I)
Ryan, John W. (E)
Ryan, Patrick (D)
Ryan, Thomas (E)
Ryan, Thomas J. (D)
Rydens, John G (E)

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Saack, Henry (K)
Saalig, Anton C. (F)
Saden, James S. (H)
Salig, Anton C. (F)
Sage, Stephen (H)
Salgerr, Isaac (F)
Sallie, George A. (D)
Salter, William (K)
Salyers, Isaac (F)
Salmon, Nelson (E)
Sammons, Abner (B)
Sammons, Gilbert T (B)
Sammons, Joseph (B)
Sammons, Newton C (I)
Samuel, Benjamin (B)
Sanders, George W. (K)
Sanders, Nathan (C)
Sands, William (G)
Sanger, Louis (A)
Sapp, Samuel (G)
Scarlett, James A (F)
Scarlett, Lewis (F)
Schafer, Leonard (A)
Schafer, Leonhart (A)
Schram, Isaac C (F)
Schuler, William (G)
Scoffield, Mathew B. (H)
Scoffield, Nathan B. (H)
Scott, Lawson (D)
Scott, Nial
or Neil (D)
Scott, Samuel (F)
Scott, Samuel J (D)
Scott, William (F)
Scott, William D (D)
Seabolt, Moses R. (F)
Seals, Andrew J. (G)
Seaton, Joseph (F&S)
Seaton, William M. (D)
Selby, Edward O. P. (H)
Selby, E O P (H)
Selby, Joseph R (H)
Sexton, Fielding (D)
Sexton, John B. (D)
Shafer, Emanuel B. (E)
Shamm, Columbus (H)
Shamp, Carlton F (D)
Shamp, Carlton T. (K)
Shannon, Columbus (H)
Shannon, William (D)
Shea, Thomas (E)
Sheeks, George W (G)
Sheets, Samuel (H)
Sheppard, John M. (H)
Shepperson, John M (H)
Sherman, Joseph (B)
Sherrick, Joseph (G)
Sherrick, William (B)
Shierfeld, Henry (K)
Shioerly, George (C)
Shirkey, Hugh (D)
Shiverly, George (C)
Shoemaker, Absolem (H)
Shoptaugh, Benjamin F. (F)
Shoptaugh, Nicholas (F)
Shuks, George W (G)
Shuler, William (G)
Shultz, John (A)
Shumaker, Elijah A (F)
Shurrick, William (F)
Skillings, David (F&S)
Siebert, John (K)
Simerl, Abner T (B)
Simerl, Benjamin A. (B)
Simerl, Samuel D. (B)
Simerl, Silas W. (B)
Simmons, John (H)
Simmons, Newton C. (I)
Simmonds, Wesley (I)
Simmons, William R (B)
Simpson, William (A)
Simpson, William H. (C)
Sinclair, James W
or M.(I)
Sinclair, William J.
or G. (C)
Singleton, Adolphus (H)
Sinn, John C (C)
Sinn, Theobald (A)
Sinnott, Martin. (E)
Sisson, Harvey (G)
Sites, George (E)
Slager, John (K)
Slater, Charles D. (B)
Sloop, John (A)
Small, Elsberry T. (C)
Smallwood, John W (E)
Smart, Arran (K)
Smart, John W. (K)
Smart, Luther B. (F)
Smith, Anthony(B)
Smith, Charles N. (H)
Smith, Daniel (K)
Smith, Edward (C)
Smith, Edwin (C)
Smith, Henry (A)
Smith, Henry G. (G)
Smith, James (H)
Smith, James P
. (G)
Smith, James Peverly (G)
Smith, James W. (C)
Smith, John (I)
Smith, John C. (H)
Smith, John H. (H)
Smith, Lorenzo (H)
Smith, Nathaniel J. (H)
Smith, Oliver P (D)
Smith, Richard (E)
Smith, Robert (C)
Smith, Samuel (H)
Smith, Samuel (E)
Smith, Thomas B (H)
Smith, Virgil A. (K)
Smith, William (K)
Smith, William H (E)
Smith, William H. (B)
Smith, William H. (I)
Smither, John J. (A)
Smoot, Luther B (F)
Snelling, Hugh (E)
Snelling, William (E)
Snodgrass, Henry M. (I)
Snodgrass, William A. (I)
Snook, William (B)
Snyder, Sanford (G)
Somitter, John J. (A)
Southerland, Marion (H)
Southwell, Robert (A)
Sparks, Mathew B. (C)
Speekhard, Leonhard (K)
Spencer, Elija (B)
Spencer, Elijah (H)
Spencer, George R. (H)
Spencer, Isaac L (H)
Spencer, Thane S. (H)
Spencer, Walter C. (D)
Spillman, James W (D)
Spilman, Charles (D)
Spradling, John M (H)
Sprague, Lewis M. (I)
Spraig, Lewis M. (I)
Springer, John (G)
Springer, Joseph (G)
Sprinkle, Jacob (B)
Spurgeon, Calvin L (F)
Stafford, Burton L (B)
Stafford, Isaac S (F)
Standard, Thomas (C)
Stanley, Fred (F&S)
Stark, Henry (K)
Starkweather, Asa D. (K)
Starr, Loring (F)
Starr, Nehemiah D (E)
Starr, Nehemiah D. (F)
Staser, Hiram (F)
Stauer, Hiram (F)
Steele, William H. (D)
Stegeman, Gerrit J (F)
Steinau, Emanuel (A)
Stephens, Daniel P. (H)
Stephens, Thomas L. (K)
Stephenson, Jacob (K)
Stevens, Augustus (I)
Stevens, Buel (I)
Stevens, Daniel P. (C)
Stevens, Welcome (I)
Stewart, Eli L (H)
Stewart, Hiram (H)
Stewart, Thomas (H)
Stewert, James (E)
Stice, Charles (C)
Stice, Newton (C)
Stine, George W. (I)
Stine, Jacob (I)
Stipe, Napoleon (K)
Story, John D (B)
Story, Joseph (B)
Stotts, James O. (F)
Stough, George W. (C)
Stricker, John H (H)
Strickler, John H. (H)
Stroud, William (G)
Stuart, David L. (I)
Sturham, Simon (K)
Stutenburg, Frank (B)
Suddick, William (H)
Sullivan, Marion (H)
Summers, John (H)
Suttman, William M. (A)
Swearingen, Josiah (E)
Swearinger, Josiah (E)
Sween, William (I)
Sweeny, William (I)
Swiger, Peter R. (C)

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Tacket, John (D)
Talley, Reuben (G)
Taylor, James W. (K)
Taylor, Richard L (K)
Teachout, Allen (I)
Tennis, Samuel (E)
Tevis, Marion (I)
Thacker, Isaac E (F)
Thessinger, Solomon (C)
Thing, George (E)
Thomas, Albert (B)
Thomas, John (B)
Thomas, Malachai (G)
Thomas, Uriah W. (F)
Thompson, Daniel N (B)
Thompson, John A. (E)
Thompson, Charles (B)
Thompson, William (I)
Thomure, Charles (B)
Thomure, Joseph (G)
Thomington, James (I)
Thorington, James (I)
Thorington, Oschur (I)
Thorington, Stephen C. (I)
Thrailkill, George W. (C)
Thrush, Salamon (C)
Thrush, Solomon (C)
Thurman, Arthur (E)
Thurman, Elijah (E)
Tillet, John (I)
Timmons, Wm. B. (B)
Tinney, Alfred (I)
Titsworth, Willis (C)
Tivis, Marion (I)
Tobin, Charles C. (F&S)
Tolles, George (E)
Tompkins, Logan (H)
Townsend, Arien (I)
Townsend, Charles W. (I)
Townsend, Orins (I)
Tracey, Charles W. (H)
Tracy, Alexander.F. (F)
Tracy, John (C)
Triplett, Benjamin (K)
Tripp, George W (B)
Troth, Francis M (I)
Trump, Geo. W. (G)
Trunnel, John W (E)
Tucker, Charles (D)
Tucker, Hilary (D)
Turner, Edwin B. (A)
Turner, James J. (K)
Tutewiller, Jacob (I)
Tuttle, Cyrus (K)
Tyler, Levi (G)

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Unox, Edward H. (_)
Upinghouse, James (A)
Urhler, Charles (H)
Ushler, Charles (H)

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Vancamp, Lemual G (F)
Vancamp, Lemual C (F)
Van Valkinburgh, Abraham (A)
Vanvelkenburg, Byron (A)
Van Valkinburgh, Byron (A)
Vanvelkenburg, Oscar (F)
Vanveldkenburgh, Oscar (F)
Vasmerbaume, Henry (K)
Vasmerbaun, Henry (K)
Vasser, John (C)
Vaughn, Robert A. (F)
Vice, Dennis (E)
Vogt, Roman (K)
Voght, Roman (K)

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Waddel, Harlan (F)
Waggener, John C (K)
Waggoner, William W. (K)
Wagner, Conrad (F)
Wagner, George (F)
Wagner, Jacob (F)
Wakefield, Enos (H)
Waldron, Joseph W. (F)
Wales, James D. (K)
Walker, James (F)
Walker, James F. (B)
Walker, John L. (C)
Walkett, Barnibas (H)
Walkitt, Barnabas (H)
Walter, Frederick (K)
Waltrip, Elcaner (K)
Waltrip, Eleana (K)
Waltrip, Elhana (K)
Ward, David C (D)
Ward, Isaiah (D)
Ward, John D (D)
Ward, Martin W (D)
Ward, Michael (D)
Ward, Samuel I/J? (D)
Ward, William (D)
Ware, Henry C (C)
Warren, John B (C)
Warren, Samuel (F)
Wasem, John (K)
Washburn, Alvin M (H)
Washburn, Geoge P. (H)
Washburn, P.S. (H)
Washburn, Peter S. (H)
Waterhouse, Thomas (B)
Waterhouse, Thomas (F)
Watson, Oliver O W (D)
Watson, William B (I)
Watts, Elihu (G)
Watts, John (G)
Weaver, John (K)
Weaver, William A. (K)
Webb, Marcus L D (G)
Webster, William (I)
Weese, Solomon (E)
Weiland, Charles H. (I)
Weishaar, Henry (A)
Weishaar, Leopold (A)
Weitzel, Henry (A)
Welbaum, Robert (H)
Welburnn, Robert (H)
Wellington, Darius (H)
Wellington, Henry D (F)
Wellisford, Augustus (F)
Wells, Isreal (G)
Wells, Reason (B)
Wells, Samuel A (H)
Wells, William H (F)
Welsh, John A. (G)
Werly, Stephan (K)
Wert, Bernhart (G)
Westfall, John M. (G)
Westhoff, Frederick (K)
Whetstone, Jasper N. (G)
White, Benjamin (K)
White, David W. (G)
White, George (Unassigned)
White, James (D)
White, James L. (D)
White, John J. (E)
White, John M (C)
White, John S (H)
White, Orvin PG (I)
White, Wesley C (C)
Whiteaker, John C. (A)
Whitterker, John C. (A)
Whitely, Burr H. (G)
Whitley, Burr H. (G)
Whitley, William A. (F)
Whitley, Wm. A. (F)
Whitt, Merritt (C)
Whittmore, Frank A. (F)
Wilbey, Wm. A. (Unassigned)
Wild, George T (F)
Wilhelm, Henry (K)
Wilhite, Samuel H. (K)
Wilkes, John H (D)
Will, George (K)
Willet, Henry (G)
Willey, Barth H. (G)
Willey, Frederick (C)
Williams, Cardinal (K)
Williams, Ezra (B)
Williams, James M. (K)
Williams, John J. (K)
Williams, Joseph (G)
Williams, Reese (D)
Williams, Reuben (B)
Williams, Robert (E)
Williamson, Robert C (D)
Williford, Augustus (F)
Williford, Martin (G)
Willis, John (E)
Willis, John (E)
Wilson, George (H)
Wilson, Henry C (D)
Wilson, James P (G)
Wilson, John (I)
Wilson, John C (G)
Winkleblack, George A (H)
Winkler, John W. (F)
Winn, George (B)
Wirth, Gottlob (A)
Wise, William T (F)
Wisner, Nelson (B)
Witt, Geremiah, (D)
Wolf, Frederick (K)
Wolfington, Abraham (H)
Wolter, Frederick (K)
Wood, James (E)
Wood, William (E)
Woodcock, Jacob (B)
Woodruff, Henry W. (I)
Woodruff, Lucius D (B)
Woodruff, Mathew (G)
Woodyard, Humphrey (F&S)
Workman, George (H)
Worster, Hewey J (F)
Wort, (?) Barry B (G)
Wright, Charles (Unassigned)
Wright, John B. (B)
Wright, Joseph (F)
Wright, William F. (C)
Wyman, R.H. (F&S)

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Yates, John W. (H)
Yesley, Alfred (G)
Yocum, Jacob (A)
York, Anderson (H)
York, Levi (H)
Young, William C. (K)
Yust, Charles (A)

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