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Joseph Flieg
Co. K, 21st Regiment, Missouri Volunteer Infantry


Joseph Flieg was born, the only son of Anton Flieg and Anna Beck (although Anton had another, Thomas, by his third wife) on 11 Feb 1830 in Germany (different sources give different cities).

He came to America sometime in the 1840's with his sister Regina, half-brother Thomas, and cousins Joseph and Anton.  He lived first in the St. Louis area, working as a schreiner, or cabinet maker.  He then moved along down the river to Ste. Genevieve where he remained until the end of his life.

On 1 Mar 1859 in St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Zell, MO, Joseph married Rosina Hoog, the daughter of Thomas Hoog and Anastasia Grieshaber.  The couple had 14 children, 13 of whom survived:

* Catherine Christine (1859-????), m. William Sutton, Fred Immer, John Immer
* Henry (1861-1898), m. Elizabeth Naeger
* Anastasia Anna (1863-1953), m. Gabriel Hefti
* Johanna Juliana (1865-1942), m. Nicholas Grither
* Charles (1867-1897)
* Francis Joseph (1869-1942), m. Elisabeth Grass
* Theresa (1871-1914), m. Charles Trautman
* Marie Elisabeth (1873-1951)
* Peter (1876-????), m. Mary Elizabeth Gisi
* Anton (twin) (1879-????), m. Catherine Meisner, Anna Elizabeth Ade
* Ludwig (twin) (bd 1879)
* Thomas (1882-1972), m. Victoria Theresa Baumann
* Andrew (1883-1972), m. Philomena Grass
* George Ferdinand (1886-1980)., m. Martha Caroline Brischle

Joseph died on 3 Feb 1892 (see obituary below) and Rosina on 19 Dec 1922, both are buried in St. Joseph's Catholic Church Cemetery


"FLIEG - At his residence in Zell, Joseph Flieg died on Wednesday morning February 3, 1892 at the age of 61 years. The deceased was apparantly in his usual health until the evening before the demise. He had driven out to Kehl on Monday morning to see his brother-in-law, Peter Hoog who had been suffering from a virulent fever. Soon after his return he was seized with spells of vomitting aggravated by spasms which soon reduced his strength to such a degree that by Tuesday morning he could scarcely speak. Priest and physician were called for but medical assistance had come too late to do him any good. The funeral took place at the Catholic Church at Zell drawing a large concourse of friends from far and near.

"Joseph Flieg was born in Hohenzollern, Germany about the year 1830. About 39 years ago he came to the United States with his sister, the late wife of Mr. Michael Knamn. He worked for several years in St. Louis as a carpenter and then moved to Ste. Genevieve County where he settled on one of the little creeks tributary to the River aux Vases in the German settlement. In 1859, he married Miss Rosa Hoog, the daughter of Thomas Hoog. This union was blessed with twelve children, of whom eleven survive their father. The two oldest, Henry in Kehl and Katie in St. Louis being married and each having two children. Toward the end of the Civil War, Mr. Flieg was drafted into the Union Army and, like so many others, he was obliged to take up arms in the defense of his adopted country. For about a year he devoted his time and energy to the service of the land in field and camp, and by the exposure to the inclemencies of the season and hardship of the service were implanted in his system the seed of infirmities which were a source of much trouble to him in later years. Like many of his comrades in arms he neglected for many year to apply to the Government for a pension, but did so later and had his claim recognized as just only a short time ago. He was an active member in good standing of the J. Felix St. James Post No. 326 GAR of this place, and several members of the Ste. Genevieve Post acted as a guard of honor when the remains of their departed comrade were carried to their last resting place. Joseph Flieg was a good man, of true Christian principles and was well respected by all who knew him. May he rest in peace."

"A Resolution of Respect by the GAR Post No. 326 can be found in the February 6, 1892 issue of the Ste. Genevieve Fair Play as well as a short obituary. It mentions that the deceased belonged to Co. K 21st Missouri Infantry."


Biographical information was generously provided by Valerie Holifield

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