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James Crank
Co. D, 21st Regiment, Missouri Volunteer Infantry

Born James Andrew Crank, he married Sarah Howard in Gibson Co., TN on Jan 28th, 1851 and I believe the families moved into Missouri about 1853 or 54. James Andrew died in 1885 and is buried in Stoddard Co., MO.

James Crank (b.1824) is the third son of Thomas Crank (b.1800) and Ann Human (whose parents founded the town of Humansville, MO). Thomas Crank's linage goes back to Thomas Crank of Middlesex Co., VA who drafted the list of grieviencies submitted to the House of Burgesses just prior to the American Revolution! Thomas died on Aug 30th, 1864 in Hickory Co., MO.

I believe this family was splintered by the civil war, having sons who didn't serve and sons serving on both sides.

William George, the oldest son, was born Jan 3, 1821, stayed in Gibson Co.

John D., the second son, was born Oct 9th, 1822, had property in Cedar Co., MO in 1854, but I've no record of military service as yet.
Solomon George was born Feb 14, 1828, and was a Baptist Minister. I have no record of military service as yet, but he died in Cedar Co., MO in 1865.

Thomas A. was born Dec 1st, 1834, and also had property in Cedar Co., MO in 1855. No record of military service.

Lemuel P. was born in 1837 and served with Co A, 15th MO Cav. He survived the war and opened a store is Boaz, MO. He served as postmaster there until 1902 and died Feb 22d, 1911 in Christian Co., MO.

Robert Nelson, the youngest son (alas a Rebel), served in Co H, 2d AR Mtd Rifles, survived the war and died aft. 1900 in Hempstead Co., AR.

Biographical information was generously provided by Don

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