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Joseph A. Crandall
Co. I, 21st Regiment, Missouri Volunteer Infantry


Joseph A. Crandall--the subject of this sketch was born in Canada West, April 22d, 1809, moved to Clark County, Mo., in April 1855, and to Canton, Lewis County, in 1860, where he lived until within a few weeks of his death. He was visiting a daughter in Randolph County and on the morning of June 22d complained of feeling unwell, but did not quit work until about noon. A physician was called and even while there the deceased got up and sat in a chair while undergoing an examination. Returning to bed he talked freely to the attendant for some time, but late in the afternoon he was taken worse, and about 6 o'clock the same day breathed his last; and Joseph A. Crandall was no more of earth, for God had called him. As a citizen he was honored and respected by all who knew him. As a father he was kind and affectionate; as a friend, devoted and self-sacrificing. He died in the light of his goodness, "bequeathing to his family the inheritance of an untarnished name."

Biographical information was generously provided by Karen Jarvis .

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