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The 21st Missouri Regiment Infantry

Veteran Volunteer Association

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EDINA, MO., Oct. 5-6, 1892.

Meeting called to order by the Secretary, Jonathan Johnson. The President, General Moore, being absent, Colonel Edwin Moore, of Canton, Missouri, was elected President pro tem.

Minutes of the last annual re-union read and approved.

The following committees were then appointed:

On time and place of holding next re-union, Armon Reynolds, Stephen Werley, F.M. Troth.

Selection of officers for ensuing year, T.W. Holman, S. Werley, A. McBailey, A. York, F. Wolter, J. McDaniel, J. M. Beal, kG. Church, D. Dean, J. Boltz.

Former committee appointed to compile historical memoranda of the regiment excused and Colonel Edwin Moore selected for this purpose.Page 7

Treasurer made report showing $7.50 in his hands.

Letter from General Moore, with fraternal greeting and stating that he is unable to be present on account of sickness, received and read, and on motion the President appointed the following committee to draft resolutions of sympathy. N.D. Starr, E.B. Shafer.


Your committee on time and place of holding our next annual re-union beg leave to report, we have selected Kahoka, Mo., October 11-12, 1893. Report of committee adopted.

Your committee on selection of officers for the ensuing year would respectfully report:

Col. Edwin Moore, Canton, Mo., President
Capt. J.W. Davis, Kirksville, Mo., Vice President
T.W. Holman, Rutledge, Mo., Secretary
Armon Reynolds, Mt. Sterling, Iowa, Treasurer

Report adopted and officers declared elected

Your committee on resolutions would respectfully report:

1st. It is with deep regret that we have learned of the serious illness of our Commander, General Moore, and we extend to him our sympathy in his affliction.

2d. We earnestly hope his recovery may be speedily effected and that he may be able to take his place in our ranks at future re-unions.

On motion adopted and secretary instructed to forward a copy to General Moore.


To cash received from dues by Secretary...........$6.75
Paid to Secretary for supplies by Treasurer.......6.75

No further business appearing adjourned to meet at Kahoka, Mo., October 11, 1893.
Jonathan Johnson, Sec'y
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Poem written by A.W. Harlan of Company F, 21st Missouri, Croton, Iowa, Sept. 24th, 1892



Postponed by order of the President, Edwin Moore.

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