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The 21st Missouri Regiment Infantry

Veteran Volunteer Association

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KAHOKA, MO., August 17-19, 1889.

The second annual re-union of the association was a very successful one, and a number of the regiment were present from Missouri, Iowa and Illinois. At the business meeting these officers were elected for the ensuing year:

Capt. Joseph S. Farris, Galland, Iowa, President
Lieut. N.D. Starr, Canton, Mo., Vice President
Capt. D.R. Allen, Vincennes, Iowa, Secretary
Chris. Figge, Lancaster, Mo., Treasurer

Cash turned over by T.W. Holman $1.57.

(Note. - No account of this re-union appears of record. - T.W. HOLMAN.)


CANTON, MO., Sept. 24, 1890.

Business meeting called to order by Vice President N.D. Starr. On motion the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:

Capt. E.B. Shafer, Edina, Mo., President
Jonathan Johnson, Neva, Mo., Secretary
Dan'l Dean, Arbela, Mo., Treasurer

Major R.D. Cramer, of Memphis, Missouri, presented an invitation from Murray Post 179, Department of Missouri, to hold the next annual re-union of the regiment at Memphis, Missouri. On motion the invitation was accepted.

Sept. 24th, 1890, dues collected $7.50.
No further business appearing, adjourned.
D.R. Allen, Sec'y

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MEMPHIS, MO., Sept. 23, 1891.

Meeting called to order by the Secretary, Jonathan Johnson. The election of officers for the ensuing year was taken up and the following elected:

General David Moore, Canton, Mo., President
Jonathan Johnson, Neva, Mo., Secretary
Armon Reynolds, Neva, Mo., Treasurer

(Record does not show any Vice President elected at this or former re-union.)

On motion the following named comrades were elected a committee to compile historical memoranda of the 21st Missouri: General David Moore, F.M. Troth and Jonathan Johnson.

Committee on place and time of next re-union, N.D. Starr, J.M. Beal and Perry Dean.

Committee made no report. No further business appearing business meeting adjourned.


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