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The 21st Missouri Regiment Infantry

Veteran Volunteer Association

Roll of Dead - In Memoriam.

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General David Moore, St. Louis, Mo., 1895
Lieut. Col. H.M. Woodyard, Memphis, Mo., May, 1864.
Lieut. Col. Edwin Moore, Canton, Mo., May, 1895.
Lieut. Col. J.G. Best, Memphis, Mo., August, 1887.
Lieut. Col. Henry McGonigle, Edina, Mo.
Major G.W. Fulton, Kansas
Major E.K. Blackburn, Iowa.
Surg. R. H. Wyman, Iowa.
Surg. A.C. Roberts, Fort Madison, Iowa, July 27, 1901.
Q,M, D.W. Pressell, Mississippi.
Chaplain John H. Cox, Trenton, Mo.


August Gruber, Tolona, Mo., 1890.
O.H. Hohman, Canton, Mo.
Lieut. Edwin Turner, Canton, Mo.


Capt. Alex. F. Tracy.
Capt. I.C. Scram, Soldiers' Home, Washington, D.C., January, 1878.
Lieut. F.A. Whittemore, Neb.
John L. Holmes, Croton, Iowa, 1892.
Ephraim Jones, Luray, Mo., 1902.
Samuel McWilliams, Pottawatomie, Kan..
Thomas McWilliams, Farmington, Iowa, 1890.
Levi Penick, Florence, Kan.
James Walker, Williamstown, Mo., June, 1891.


Capt. N.W. Murrow, Millport, Mo., 1887.
Capt. Joshua Nagle, Knox City, Mo., 1888.
Second Lieut. Charles C. Murray, Elfin, Mo., 1901.
David Bunnel, Millport, Mo., 1887.
Henry Boltz, Knox City, Mo., 1895.
S.B. Carter, Rutledge, Mo., January 29, 1902.
James Daugherty, Calif., 1892.
John Hartsock, Edina, Mo., 1896.
Sergt. B.F. Hall, Brashear, Mo., 1898.
Martin Higgins, Kalamazoo, Mich.
Michael Hurley, Edina, Mo., 1892.
David Lycan, Kirksville, Mo.

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J.B. Mitcheltree, Hannibal, Mo., 1900
B.F. Northcutt, Knox City, Mo., 1894.
Edward Keever, New Mexico, 1896.
J.D. Ward, Baring, Mo., April 1902.
F.M. Goin, Clarson, O.T.
Reuben Mauk, Pleasant Grove, Neb., January 1901.
Martin Mauk, Melport, Mo., 1889.
Tolbert Goin, Birmingham, Iowa, 1869.
James E. Criss, I.T., 1882.


Capt. William F. Harle, Memphis, Mo.
Capt. Jeremiah Hamilton, Memphis, Mo.
Lieut. George W. Stine, Memphis, Mo.
Lieut. Hudson Rice, Memphis, Mo.
C.H. Caruthers, Fairmont, Mo., December, 1891.
William Driscoll, Memphis, Mo., August, 1902.
Frederick Fincher, Kilwining, Mo.
Joseph Gundy, Memphis, Mo., February, 1901.
John A. Howard, Soldiers' Home, Kansas, June, 1891.
John W. McIntyre, Memphis, Mo.
Alfred Rathburn, Arbela, Mo., August, 1896.
James H. Roseberry, Bellfast, Iowa, February 14, 1902.
William Sweeny, Memphis, Mo., May 28, 1902.
William Webster, Wymore, Neb., November, 1891.
Benjamin Cope, Weiser City, Idaho.
William D. Edwards, Memphis, Mo., February 8th, 1901.
Lieut. Joseph J. Oliver, College Place, Wash., October, 1902.


Jacob Ball, Peaksville, Mo.
Horace Darling, San Diego, Cal.
Jephtha LaFever, Memphis, Mo.
Calaway Morse, Hogan, Mo.
A.J. Phillips, Keokuk, Iowa, 1902.
Capt. Simon Pierce, Clefty, Ark., 1896.
William Rose, Soldiers' Home, Kan., July 26, 1896.
James Smith, Memhpis, Mo., 1894.
John C. Sinn, Canton, Mo.
D.P. Stevens, Fairmont, Mo.
G.W. Thrailkill, Wilmothville, Mo., 1896.
John Tracy, Memphis, Mo., 1899.
Solomon Thrush, Rutledge, Mo., September 3,1902.
Jacob Ball, Peaksville, Mo.
W.W. Purmorst, Lawton, O.T., November 17th, 1902.


Henry Flick, Arbela, Mo.
P.D. Harper, Mr. Sterling, Iowa, February 2, 1891.
James M. Hobbs, Chambersburg, Mo., 1897.
Robert Mitchael, Farmington, Iowa, November 1891.
James moberly, Farimont, Mo.
James E. Marquess, Montevallo, Mo., 1901.
Jeremiah O'Day, Kahoka, Mo.
Marion Sutherland, Cameron, Mo., 1893.
John M. Sheperson, Kahoka, Mo.
George C. Coffman, Burlington, Iowa, 1902.

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John Blodgett, Edina, Mo.
Joseph Brown, Edina. Mo.
David Bly, Springfield, Ill.
R.H. Cook, Edina, Mo. Corp.
Samuel Clemison, Brashear, Mo., March 20, 1892.
T.W. Davis, Millport, Mo.
Patrick Faha, Soldiers' Home, Kan., February 23d, 1902.
J.J. Fowler, Greensburg, Mo.
Daniel L. Goodwin, Knox City, Mo., 1901.
Andrew Haines, Quincy, Ill.
W.J. Pulis, Knox City, Mo.
J.V. Pulis, Edina, Mo.
John Parish, Milport, Mo.
Edgar W. Matlick, Sand Hill, Mo.


First Lieut. Asa Starkweather, San Diego, Cal., 1888. Capt. Lewis Puster, Eveansville, Ind., 1901. B.P. Hana, Arlington, Kan. Henry Klusmyer, La Grange, Mo., August 27, 1891. Capt. Fred Leese, La Grange, Mo., February, 1891. Lieut. Willam A. Weever, Peabody, Kan., 1889.


John Masterson, Red Oak, Iowa.
Charles McMichael, Conneaut Lake, Pa., September, 1901.
Thomas H. Roseberry, La Cygne, Kan., June 1891.
Harvey Sisson, La Belle, Mo., February, 1891.
Marcus Webb, San Simon, Cal.


Thomas Denny, Bevier, Mo.
Abner Fickle, Kirksville, Mo.
L.D. Hadley, Germania, Mo., 1891.
John Kitts, Memphis, Mo., August, 1902.
Thomas Waterhouse, Mt. Hamill, Iowa, Februarty 14th, 1902.
Samuel Kenyoyer, Cal., March, 1892.

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