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The 21st Missouri Regiment Infantry

Veteran Volunteer Association

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QUINCY, ILL., Oct. 15-16, 1902.

At 10 a.m. President Johnson called the meeting to order and announced the program.

10 a.m. to 12 m. registering and hand shaking.
1 p.m., business meeting.
7 p.m., camp fire, Lippincott's Hall, Soldiers' Home.
9 a.m., 16th, meeting of the Shiloh survivors of the 21st Mo. and 50th Ill., Lippincott's Hall, Soldiers' Home.

The following named comrades of the 21st Mo., and guests, registered.

J. Johnson, Luray, Mo. L.F. Miller, Goshen, Ind.
J.H. Cunningham, Fabius, Mo. William O'Connor, Carrolton, Ill.
Samuel Wells, Kahoka, Mo. Armon Reynolds, Neva, Mo.
Michael Cashman, Quincy, Ill. J.S. Haley, Edina, Mo.
Eli Kenoyer, Rutledge, Mo. J.K. Burner, Quincy, Ill.
M.N. Fulton, Fort Madison, Iowa. Lieut. August Glasier, Canton, Mo.
W.H. Matlick, Rutledge, Mo. David Ward, Knox City, Mo.
W.R. Killen, Knox City, Mo. Y. Yust, Peace Creek, Kansas
A. Cameron, Wayland, Mo. W. Kinney, Knox City, Mo.
H.H. Hubbell, Knox City, Mo. H.G. Smith, Lincoln, Mo.
J.B. Ford, Ellston, Iowa. John Puls, Colony, Mo.
John Keoher, Quincy, Ill. T.W. Holman, Rutledge, Mo.
Fred Wolter, Knox City, Mo. H. Hohstadt, Lawn Ridge, Mo.
M. Haines, Soldiers' Home, Quincy, Ill. L. Hohstadt, Lawn Ridge, Mo.
L.C. Vancamp, Keokuk, Iowa. A. Salig, Quincy, Ill.
A.P. Harbur, Memphis, Mo. W.H. Smith, Granger, Mo.
Ed. Smith, Athens, Mo. J.M. Beal, Edina, Mo.
W. Ridgeley, Derrahs, Mo. L. Schager, Lancaster, Mo.
H. Rugh, Azen, Mo. Ed. Canfield, Neva, Mo.
Lieut. N.D. Starr, Canton, Mo. J. Morris, Revere, Mo.
S. Worley, La Grange, Mo. W. Salter, La Grange, Mo.
J. Eagleson, Myer, Ill. G. Hanslow, Elkhart, Ill.


N.C. Roberts, Ft. Madison, Ia. Dr. F.C. Roberts, Ft. Madison, Ia.
Mrs. M.W. Fulton, Ft. Madison, Ia. Mrs. A.M. Tenk, Plymouth, Ill.
Mrs. J. Johnson, Neva, Mo. Mrs. H.G. Smith, Lincoln, Mo.
Mrs. Jane Ridgley, Derrahs, Mo. Mrs. M. Cashman, Quincy, Ill.
Willie Burner, Mascot 21st Mo., Quincy, Ill. .

The following deaths have been reported since our last annual re-union.

Ephraim Jones, Luray, Mo., died 1902.
Lieut. G.R. Coffman, Burlington, Ia., died 1902.
J.D. Ward, Baring, Mo., died April 1902.
James Roseberry, Croton, Ia., died February 14,1902.
William Sweeny, Memphis, Mo., died May 28, 1902.
A.J. Phillips, Keokuk, Ia., died 1902.
William Driscol, Memphis, Mo., died 1902.
Solomon Thrush, Rutledge, Mo., died 1902.
Jo Bundy, died 1902.
Pat Faha, Soldiers' Home, Leavenworth, Kan., died February 23, 1902.
Charles McMichael, Conneaut Lake, Pa., died Setember, 1901.
John Kitts, Memphis, Mo., died August 1902.
Thomas Waterhouse, Mt. Hamill, Ia., died February 14, 1902.
John H. Cox, Chaplain 21st Mo., Trenton, Mo., died August 1, 1902.
John Moll, died 1902.
S.B. Carter, Rutledge, Mo., died January 29, 1902.

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A pleasant feature of the re-union was the eloquent address by Captain W.F. Chamberlain of Hannibal, Mo., past Department Commander G.A.R., Mo.

The camp fire at Lippincott's Hall was an enjoyable one and the boys had a merry time. There were songs, speeches, and the boys told old army stories. Capt. Sommerville presided and J. M. Brown led the singing. Speeches were made by Capt. Mooney, Capt. J.M. Hyman and Jonathan Johnson.

Oct. 16, 1902., 9 a.m. - A large number of the 50th Illinois, 21st Missouri and others gathered at Lippincott's Hall and a pleasant meeting of the Shiloh survivors was held, Col. Hanna of the 50th Illinois presiding. T.W. Holman, Secretary of the Shiloh Battlefield Association, addressed the meeting, giving a brief outline of the work done by the National Military Park Commissioners and that yet to be completed. On a call to see how many were present who participated in the battle April 6-7, thirty-one arose to their feet.

2 P.M. - The 21st Missouri held a short business session when it was decided to have the proceedings fo all our annual re-unions printed. A collection to defray the expense was taken and $11.20 contributed.


Oct. 16, 1902
Cash received by Secretary ................................ $ 10.25

Bills paid by Treasurer:
Ribbon and printing badges ........ $ 2.25

M Cashman for flag......................... 1.00
Sec'y, postage and cards................

Place for holding next annual re-union was taken up and Athens, Kahoka, and Edina, Mo., were considered, but Edina was the choice for 1903, and on motion, Comrades James M. Beal and the Secretary were appointed a committee to fix date of holding same.

Adjourned to meet in Edina, Mo. in 1903.

T.W. HOLMAN, Sec'y.

Comrade A.W. Harlan, now in his 93d year, attended all our re-unions up to 1899. He writes and sends greetings, and says, "Tell the boys I would like to meet them again but I am an old man and better off at home." many others have written sending greetings and expressing a hope of attending our re-unions at some future time. For want of space we are unable to give them, but as we comtemplate printing our proceedings in pamphlet form each year inthe future, we will be able to give letters in full and we hope every absent comrade will write. If you cannot answer roll call in person let us hear from you by letter.

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