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Corporal George Heldstab of Company A
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Statement of Captain Charles Yust

State of Missouri
County of Lewis
(Stamped by Pension Office July 7, 1879)

Be it remembered that on this 9th day of April A.D. 1879 before me a Notary Public within and for the county and state above named personally appeared before me Captain Chas Yust a resident of Canton, Lewis Co., Missouri who being by me first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath decalre and say that his Post Office address is Canton Missouri, that he commanded Co. "A" 21st Regt. Mo Inf Volunteers during the late War, that George Helstab was a member of his company, that when the said George Helstab was enrolled in 1861 he was a sound hearthy ablebodied man, that at the battle of Shiloh April 6th 1862 in the line of his duty he was wounded from a gunshot wound in the right shoulder, that from exposure incident to the service during the Price raid in Missouri 1864 he contracted an abscess of the liver and liver disease theat he was treated by the Surgeons of the Regiment for his wound and abscess of the liver and liver disease, that their whereabouts or Post Office address is unknown that when George Helstab was discharged from the service of the United States as a soldier of Co "A" 21st REgt. Mo. Inf. Vols. he was suffering from Liver disease and abscess of the Liver and Gunshot wound in the right shoulder which incapacitated him to perform any manual labor that in consequence of said gunshot wound and liver disease which injuries he received in the service of the United States he died in Canton Mo. on the 13th day of May 1873 that from the time of his arrival home from the United States service this affiant knew him intimately, that he was also well acquainted with him before he enlisted and as Captain Commanding Co "A" 21st Regt. Mo. Infantry Vols. he is enabled to testify from personal knowledge of all the averments made in this affidavit that he is of no kin to George Helstab nor his wife and has no interest direct or indirect in the prosecution of this claim and is not engaged in its prosecution.

Charles Yust

Subscribed and sworn to before me thday and year above written and I hereby certify that the contents of the abouve affidavit was carefuly read over by me to the affiant before he was sworn and subscribed his name thereto, I further cerify that Captain Chas. Yust is a respectable and credible citizen of Canton, Mo., that full faith and credit is due to his affidavit and that he personally known to me to be the identical person that he represents himself to be and that I have no interest direct or indirect in the prosecution of this claim.
That I was commisioned as Notary Public Jany 8th 1878
That my commission will expire Jany 8th 1882

James P. Lewis
Notary Public

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