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J Boone Docs


Corporal Joseph Boone Jr.
of Company E
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State of Missouri
County of Knox
(Stamped by Pension Office April 18, 1884)

Joseph Boone Jr. claimant for Invalid Pension No 488279 and late a private
Co. "E" 21st Regt Mo Infantry Vols whose Post Office address is Edina
County of Knox State of Missouri being sworn upon his oath states:

That it is true as a matter of fact that In October 1864 while in Prices
expedition on the Missouri River he felt acute symptom of rheumatism, and
again in the autumn of 1865 at Mobile Ala he had seven attacks of
rheumatism in legs and hips, it is also true that I was in Hospital at
Mobile Ala during the months of August and September 1865 and while there
was sick with what the Surgeon who attended me called the Swamp fever, but
I was also afflicted at that time with the rheumatism and had been
previously as stated in my former affidavit already on file in my claim,
and had the rheumatism worse than ever before at Camp Hospital near Mobile
Ala after I had left the Hospital in the City of Mobile which I believe was
known as the Marine Hospital. In said Camp hospital near Mobile I was
treated by Dr. Knickerbocker and the Hospital Steward Harvey Sisson. I do
not remember of being treated by any one else for rheumatism. It is
therefore impossible for me to give any additional evidence of my treatment
by Surgeons or Assistant Surgeons of my command for the disability under
which I claim to wit: rheumatism since Dr. Knickerbocker is dead and I have
already given the affidavit of Harvey Sisson, Hospital Steward, 21st Regt
Mo Vols Inftry the command to which I belonged.

I would further state that whilst it is a fact that Dr. A.C. Roberts was
with the command and in charge of the Camp hospital when I was afflicted
and treated for rheumatism as herein stated it is also a fact that Dr. A.C.
Roberts lived with his family in a house some distance from the Camp
Hospital and during the time I was sick as aforesaid I scarcely ever saw
him in the camp. The war was then over and the discipline in and about the
camp was not at that time very strict. Dr. Knickerbocker was in the camp
all the time camping in a tent with the soldiers and as a matter of fact he
attended to nearly all the patients in the hospital while I was there.

Joseph Boone Jr.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 15th day of April 1884

(Unreadable signature, possibly James Ennis)
Clerk County Court

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