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Hays Documents


Corporal George W. Hays of Co H
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Declaration for Invalid Pension, February 28, 1872

On or about the 15 day of March 1862 at Hannibal Mo. while in Camp he contracted the measles while in the line of his duty as a soldier which resulted in loss of hearing in both ears in consequence of his catching a severe cold while suffering from measles in consequence of which he now has granulation & thickening of both membranes tympani [sic] of both ears. --GEORGE HAYS,

General Affidavit Josephus Brown,
age 47, Pleasant Dale, Rush Co., KS 1888 July 10

I live within two miles of the above named GEORGE HAYS and have known him and lived near him since 1878 and I believe him to be unable to perform any manuel labor and believe that he is not qualified to perform any Professional or skilled labor on account of diziness and blindness caused by disease of head.

1900 Nov. 4

To Whom It May Concern: This is to certify that GEO. HAYS was admitted to the Topeka State Hospital, November 4, 1900, and died here of senile dementia (*), July 4, 1901.

[signed] T. C. Biddle, M. D.,
Superintendent, Kansas State Insane Asylum, Topeka, Kan.,
July 25, 1901.

(*)A form of general intellectual impairment observed in elderly people; most cases are what is known today as Alzheimer's Disease.

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