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Letter written by Benjamin Crawford Campbell to his wife, Betty
(Elizabeth Scott Campbell), Sept. 20, 1864

Letter courtesy of Raleta Brandon * Donated to website by Wendy Millard

Camp near Jefferson Barracks, Missouri.
Sep. 20th, 1864

Dear Betty,

I am well, as common, hoping this may find you and our dear children and
friends all well. I have not had a letter from you since we came here. In
fact we have had no mail. It goes below yet I think through the
carelessness of some man. I am anxious to have a letter. I want to hear
from Mother so bad, but I hope she may, by the Blessing of God, be restored
to health. My trust for all good is in the Mercy of the Lord, who has never
forsaken us, nor never will. Let us ever adore his Godly Name. (this is
the second letter that I have wrote to you since we came here). We don't
know yet what we are here for unless it is to help with the draft in this
state and Ill. The Camps in Mo. have said also that Mo. will have a free
election or a free fight. That is to let bushwhakers (sic) and returned
Rebbel (sic) soldiers vote and citizens vote without taking the oath that
the state land requires and may be here partly on that account, but some say
that ______ (illegible) is coming (sic) up though ______ (illegible) it is
rather unlikely to me. We find a great change in the weather since we left
Memphis or even Cairo. It feels here some like September in Iowa, but it
suits me and it would suit me better farther North. If I could only go to
stay with those that are so near and dear to me the ties of Nature and true
affection. I hope that happy and long wished for day will in the Providence
of our Heavenly Father soon arrive. My trust is in God and my faith
unshaken that he will yet restore us safe to each other and guide us by his
Council in comming (sic) life to his Names Honor and glory. I have writen
(sic) in two letters that I sent you $60.00 in the name of Dr. A. A. Ransom
(tell James Hunter that I answered his letters but could not learn anything
from Martin. I will let him know as soon as I do hear. I am anxious to
hear what your Pap and the boys have done on their Mills cabin. The draft
is going on well in St. Louis and I think it will throughout the United
States. Let me know how you get along about getting feed for winter.
Please write soon and often. Yours in Love and affection, Benj. C.

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