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Report of Lieut. Col. Edwin Moore, Twenty-first Missouri Infantry,
of operations December 15-16, 1864.

Near Nashville, Tenn., December 21, 1864.

Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.

LIEUTENANT : I have the honor to report the part taken by the Twenty-first and detachment Twenty-fourth Missouri Infantry Volunteers in the battle of Nashville, Tenn.

About 7 a.m. on the 15th instant the command moved from its intrenched position and formed in rear of the brigade as a reserve. An advance soon commenced. After marching about one mile and a half came under the enemy's artillery fire; remained in position until about 3 p.m: again advanced. About 4 p.m. the general advance was made, the command executing the movements of the brigade; the enemy retired and the command went into camp. On the following morning, about 7 o'clock, the command moved in the same order as on the previous day. After advancing about one mile and a half were ordered to the front to suppost the Ninth Indiana Battery. About fifty men engaged the enemy's skirmishers. After remaining about an hour the brigade moved up to our position and the command was again ordered in reserve. Remained until the general assault was made then moved forward; was held and ordered to wait the advance of the reserve line on the left. In about twenty minutes advanced and joined the brigade about one mile and a half to the front and went into camp with it.

Casualties: Davis Goodwin, private, Company D, Twenty-first Missouri Volunteer Infantry, slightly wounded.

I have the honor to be, lieutenant, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Edwin Moore,
Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.

The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I, Volume 45 (part 1) page 479; NO. 162

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