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1&2 NE Missouri

Roster of the 1st & 2nd Northeast
Missouri Volunteers

Transcribed from LDS Film # 1204852
Compiled Service Records of the 1 and 2 Regiment Northeast Missouri Volunteers

Webmistress Note:
On the following pages you will find my best attempt at transcribing LDS film # 1204852 which contains record cards for the soldiers of the 1st and 2d Northeast Missouri Regiments. Please keep in mind that these records are not always complete, that some soldiers may have been missed, and that surname spellings often vary. On some cards, notes were written regarding membership in other units, injuries, and deaths. I am willing to do some lookups of this info as time permits. Please send me the soldier's name, captain and company and put 1st/2d NE Lookup in the subject line.

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Good luck in your search.
I hope this new info helps you find someone who's been playing hide and seek with you. :o)

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