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William B. Timmons
Co. B, 21st Regiment, Missouri Volunteer Infantry

William Byard Timmons born Tippecanoe Co., Indiana, Sept. 4, 1833. Died
June 2, 1923. Buried Delano, California.

William Byard Timmons served in the Civil War, Company B, 21st Regiment of Missouri Infantry Veteran Volunteers from December 2, 1863 to April 19,1866. Honorably discharged at Fort Morgan, Alabama. 

He engaged in the following battles:

  • Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, April 9, 1864;
  • Topello, Mississippi, July 14, 1864;
  • Fort Blakeley, Alabama, April 9, 1865;
  • Atchofalay Bayou, Louisiana, May 18, 1864;
  • Nashville, Tenn., 15-16, 1864.
  • Was with Sherman on march through Georgia from Atlanta to the sea.

William Byard Timmons married on Oct. 26, 1858 at Edina, Knox Co. Mo. to
Vashti Ann Koontz, born Hancock Co., Illinois March 19, 1842-died at
Wilmington, California, March 7, 1932. Buried Delano, California.

After his marriage he engaged in farming in Scotland County, Missouri. Moved with his family to Delano, California by Southern Pacific Railroad September 1887.
He followed farming and cattle raising.  He was post-master at Delano 1887-1893, Justice of the Peace 1905-1913. Strong supporter: Republicans.

Biographical information was generously provided by Bob Panero.

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