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Henry Keck Rugh
Co. I, 21st Regiment, Missouri Volunteer Infantry

Henry Keck Rugh, son of Michael (John Michael) Rugh and Ruey (Zeruah) Williams, was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania on January 22, 1843. 

In 1847 he moved with his father and family from their home in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County Pennsylvania.  They travelled by "flatboat" down the Ohio and up the Mississippi to a new home near Pierceville, Van Buren County.

In the spring of 1857 they moved onto a newly purchased farm in nearby Scotland County, Missouri.  This farm in East Union Township of Scotland County was near an area once known as Azen.

In adulthood Henry became a farmer as was his father before him.  He fought for the Union at the Battle of Shiloh during the civil war, was captured, and spent about a year as a confederate prisoner. He was later exchanged and after re-enlistment, finished out the war serving elsewhere within his regiment, the 21st Missouri Volunteer Infantry.

After the war Henry returned to Scotland County.  On April 16, 1871 (in Scotland County) he married Carrie (Caroline Victoria) Terrell. He bought farm property very near that of his father and he and Caroline moved into the log house located there. 

Sometime later, about 1890 or so, they built a new house on the farm which still stands today.  This old Henry Rugh place is now known as the "Keith Balderston" farm and is located North-East of Memphis Missouri and not far from the old Michael Rugh farm near what was Azen.

They had a total of twelve children of which two died in infancy and one as a young man of 22 years.  There were six boys and six girls.

Upon his retirement from farming, Henry and Caroline moved into town (Memphis).  The present Memphis Hospital now stands on part of what was once the Henry Rugh property there.

Henry died on February 22, 1927 at his home in Memphis and was buried at Prairie View Methodist Church Cemetery north east of Memphis.  Caroline died in Memphis on February 9, 1930 and was laid to rest next to Henry.

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