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Pvt. Benjamin F. Connor
Co. G, 21st Regiment, Missouri Volunteer Infantry

18 June 1885 The Hampton Herald, front page:

"DIED:-Benjamin F. Connor, after a long and severe illness, Saturday, June 18th, 1885.
The deceased was born July 4th, 1838, in Washington county, Pa., was at time of death 46 years, 11 months, 9 days old. The deceased moved from Pa. to Mo. several years before the war and settled at Memphis, Scotland county, and engaged in teaching. When the war broke out he was one of the first to enroll himself as a defender of the Union. His bold manner of speaking and acting made it necessary for him to be in the army. He was a member of the famous 21st Missouri Infantry and did gallant service on several bloody battle fields. Some years after the war he married Miss Sanford and removed to Graham county, Kansas and lived there several years endeavoring to build a home for himself and family, but the drouth andfailure of crops for several seasons compelled him to come to Nebraska, since which time he has toiled as best he could to make a living. Mr Connor was last winter appointed to fill the office of justice of peace made vacant by the death of H. L. Hellen. He was at the time of his death commander of Hurbut Post, No 98, G.A.R. and was buried by that order, Zack Chandler Post of Aurora assisting. Rev. Davis, of York, delivered the funeral discourse. Judge Sanford, the father of Mrs. Connor, was here during the deceased's last illness and desires me to say that he will never forget the kindness shown then in this their bereavement. J. H. Sauls."

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